Tom Crews


About Tom Crews

Tom Crews resides in Louisville, Kentucky, where he brings over three decades of distinguished coaching and teaching experience to everything he does. Tom has held several different head coaching positions, and he is known for guiding various teams to championships. Throughout his high school coaching career, Tom’s leadership has helped his teams acquire a variety of titles, enjoy undefeated seasons, great rankings, and establish outstanding records.

Tom was named Coach of the Year on many occasions throughout the country, district, and area in recognition of his accomplishments. His dedication to sportsmanship and togetherness has enabled his teams to achieve great things. He has developed significant ties with his team members in addition to team building, and these ties continue long after his students graduate and find their ways into the world. Tom, who places a substantial premium on team connections, has remained true to his beliefs by maintaining contact with numerous former teammates. Many of his former players have continued to head coach positions themselves and other noteworthy posts in education, such as principal and superintendent. Tom Crews genuinely appreciates seeing what each of his players choose to do with their lives and how their sporting experiences have affected them as people.

Even though Tom’s most recent coaching position ended in 2018, he continues to educate. He is currently teaching US History and US Government and has also taught upper-level courses AP Human Geography, AP Government, World Civilization, Sociology, and Civics. As a strong proponent of health and safety, Tom teaches Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Education.

Tom Crews received his Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University at Bloomington prior to pursuing this job. He then went on to earn his Master’s degree at Indiana University in South Bend. Since then, he has maintained a consistent career specialized in subjects of great interest to him.

Outside of work, Tom enjoys learning about current and historical politics. He is a real patriot at heart and strives to keep as educated as possible, especially since he recognizes the importance of his impact on the younger generation. Tom’s favorite sport is undoubtedly basketball. However, he also enjoys golf in his spare time, counting it as his favorite hobby.

Tom has strong principles and ideals as well. He is a devout Catholic who believes in conventional tenets. In addition to these interests and principles, Tom enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and pets.

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