Although it’s easy to recognize a great point guard play, it can be hard to define what makes a great point guard. You can talk about Chris Paul, Magic Johnson, and John Stockton, but coaches may have ideas about what they want in a point guard. In order to develop a great point guard, I have identified some of the characteristics that coaches want to see in a player.

Desire to Win

A great point guard should have a competitive mentality and focus on finding a way to get the job done. They should avoid getting carried away by the glory stats and instead be focused on the important things in life. One example is Steve Wojokowski, a former Duke player who had a strong will to win and could carry that over to his teammates.

Focus on Teammates

Although a great point guard doesn’t need to be a team leader, they must have a teammate-first mentality. This can help develop great team chemistry and keep the players focused on the important things in life. Most players know the difference between a great point guard who can take quality shots and one who can lead the team in the box score.

Ball-Handling Skills

A great point guard can see the other players with soft vision and effectively get the team into its offense through their ball-handling skills. They can also fake, pass, and pivot.

A great point guard should not be bullied because of their lack of skill. If they can’t handle the ball well, other players can make plays that will either change their style of play or prevent them from doing anything.

Coordinate the Team

A great point guard can communicate with their teammates and ensure that everyone on the court knows what is happening. They can also reload the offense if a break occurs or a set play breaks down. They must play the game like they are in the stands, keeping an eye on the big picture and knowing what to do.

Handle Situations

Great point guards can also transfer concepts from one play to another. They can also make adjustments to the game plan on the fly. They have the knowledge to know which plays give their team the best chance to win.

Pushes Defense

Since we often have a different point guard on the court, they must ensure that their teammates are focused on defending. This can help set the tone for the team and make everyone on the court want to play harder.

This list comprises the top qualities for great point guards, and I hope that our talented young players will strive to become like these individuals every season.