Whether you’re a natural athlete or you’re trying to get better at sports, you know that hard work and dedication are essential to helping you reach your goals. Even if you’re not the best player on the team, giving your best effort and working out even when you’re not in practice can make a huge difference in your performance. 

Perseverance is not only necessary to enhance your athletic ability, it is also crucial for leaders to possess this character trait. If you want to know more about the connection between sports and leadership, here are a few other points to consider. 

Leaders are Risk Takers 

If you want to be a good leader, you have to be willing to take risks at times. This often means taking the initiative to carry through on a task in an attempt to show others that it can be done. It’s not enough to simply tell people what to do; you’ve got to be a bold example of how to follow through on tasks that will move the team forward. 

Leaders Should Be Good Followers 

Effective leaders consider the people they are leading. This means putting yourself in the position of your team and determining whether you would follow your own leadership. Don’t ask your team to do things you’re not willing to do, and be willing to work hard with the rest of your team to get the job done instead of giving out orders from the sidelines. 

Leaders Aren’t Arrogant 

When you’re a leader, you have to realize that the task at hand is always bigger than you. Most athletes are egotistical, especially once they reach the professional level. Remember that you’re part of a team and it’s your job to lead the team, not to be the star of the show. Working with a team in a sports setting can prepare you for working with a team of professionals in your career.

Leaders Are Good Listeners

When you’re a leader, you have to listen to the concerns of your team. Be open to feedback and don’t try to prevent your team from being honest with you by using intimidation tactics. The people you’re leading need to feel comfortable speaking with you and should have the assurance that you’ll take their feedback seriously. 

Learning all the ways that sports can teach you about leadership can help you in any phase of your life, and assist you in developing your leadership skills no matter which life path you choose.