One of the most important attributes any player can possess is leadership. Even if a player belongs to a team that has won multiple championships, it is still hard to consider them one of the best players if the player is not a leader. Some of the best leaders in the recent past include;

Michael Jordan

He is so far the most outstanding NBA leader from New York City. MJ had an authentic way of training that made everyone else in his team work in alignment. He was always hardworking, reliable, and determined to remain at the top. While winning for himself, MJ held his fellow players accountable and persisted in winning the Chicago championships. 

Magic Johnson 

Taking the second position is Magic; like his name whenever he played, he set the game’s pace, and everyone would wish to play alongside him. Magic comes from Michigan and has led as a point guard and power forward. Magic played passionately and loved engaging his teammates throughout the game. 

Kobe Bryant 

Kobe is one of the most renowned leaders of all time. He comes from Pennsylvania, and Michael Jordan greatly inspired him. Although Kobe encountered many challenges, he remained resilient and made NBA history as a great leader. In May 2021, Kobe made it to the NBA Hall of Fame. In the 2018 Oscar Awards, Kobe was awarded the Best Animated Short Film “Dear Basketball”, for which he was the executive producer. 

Bill Russell 

Russell is one of the NBA icons who comes from Louisiana. As a rebounder, his natural height and energy complimented him as he offered the best defense for his team. He is honored as the most aggressive and dedicated player who has won 11 NBA titles. Russell was a leader; he was consistent, supportive to the team, and gave the most competent defense for the game. 

LeBron James 

LeBron is one of the strongest leaders in the history of the NBA. His natural energy is evident from how he shows his passion for the game while supporting his team. He comes from Ohio and plays as small forward and power forward. He is 6’8″ tall and weighs approximately 260lb pounds which is a major factor in his excellence. Furthermore, LeBron guides his teammates on and off the arena. He has over ten titles, and he is the most excellent example for reference by any NBA player.