Facilitating a basketball practice is not a walk in the park as it may sound. The time constraint is a major issue that makes the practice a daunting task. This means that the coach is expected to utilize the minimal time available to work with the players. On the flip side, most people do not like practicing. What can be done to make the other individuals join the practicing session regardless of the minimal time available? Let’s unveil different ways of creating an efficient basketball practice.

Prepare in Advance 

Always keep in mind that every practice session requires thorough preparation. Also, always be flexible enough to change the given schedule if the need arises. The basketball coach is responsible for determining where the team will practice. The coach should prepare the rest of the team before the training session.

Be Hard on the Team Members 

Every practice is hard and sometimes challenging. However, the basketball coach should ensure that all the members give the practice everything they have for the practice to be beneficial. Besides, praising the team members makes them perform better during the practice since they will realize they are doing things correctly.

Choose what to Tolerate and not to Tolerate 

Different basketball coaches have varying thoughts. They all have behaviors they consider to be right and those they think are wrong. As a coach, developing a consistent tone accompanied by the rules and regulations is one of the best approaches for basketball practice. This will help maintain high discipline levels during the training and ensure everyone has participated to the maximum.

Ensure the Practice is Competitive 

Note that every game is always competitive. This means that the practice should also be competitive to enhance the nature of the games. Ensure that every drill is competitive to bring out the competitive spirit during the game session. The way in which the players behave during practice impacts the way they behave during official games. The competition should be mainly focused on the drills to make the practice interesting and beneficial.


Creating an efficient basketball practice is a responsibility given to the team coach. The above techniques can be of great importance when utilized to the latter.