While coaches are often one of the biggest influences in an athlete’s life, parents also play a pivotal role in their athletic development. The home environment and type of parental support an athlete receives will make a lasting impact on their athletic career. Read below to learn how parents can promote athletic development in their children.

Let Sports Be Fun 

One important factor that cannot be stressed enough is that parents should keep sports fun for their children. In all honestly, not every child is going to grow up to be the next Tom Brady or LeBron James. Though your child might have mentioned their dreams of attaining such goals as a child, as they grow they may just decide to pursue sports for fun. Many parents have ruined their children’s passion for sports because they try to turn it into something way more serious. It is possible to encourage your child to be their best without pushing it down their throats. By allowing your child to enjoy sports for the fun of it, they will feel more motivated to keep on with it because it will be their decision and there won’t be stress attached to it.

Allow Them to Try Different Sports

Some parents pressure their children to pursue the same sport they once played in their youth. However, children are not always going to be as passionate about the same sports as their parents. Even if they do choose to pursue it, they may want to try out other sports as well. As a parent, one of the best things you can do to promote your child’s athletic development is to allow them to try out different sports. This will inevitably promote athletic development because it will teach them diligence and discipline, especially as they will have to learn various sports rules and techniques.

Don’t Lecture Them When They Underperform

It is only natural that your child, and possibly you, will feel a bit disappointed when they underperform in a game or if their team loses. Even if you have past sports experience, try to keep your commentary to a minimum. The chances are that your child already received a talking to from their coach, and they know how they can improve. Drilling your disappointment into your child’s mind won’t do much to improve their performance. Instead, be there to encourage your child and be a mentor to them if they ask for advice or rant to you.